Trabalho incrível da Emanuele avancini com a semaninha de passarinhos!

Marileny Cross Stitch 34
Marileny Cross Stitch 34

Recebi a foto do trabalho da Emanuele Avancini, vale a pena deixar esta amostra para vcs. Ficou maravilhosa a semaninha de passarinhos da nossa edição 34.
Parabéns pela dedicação e amor envolvido.

Incredible job of Emanuele Avancini with the towels of the week birds theme.

I received the photo of the work Emanuele Avancini , worth letting this example for you. It was wonderful to towels of the week bird theme, Marileny Cross Stitch 34.Congratulations on your dedication and love involved .

This pattern is part of Marileny Cross Stitch 38.

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Marileny 34
Marileny Cross Stitch 34



Magazine Marileny Cross Stitch Issue 34. Towels days of the week with birds, layette for boys and girls, floral bed set, table towel and two aprons wonderful paragraph leave a quick cook you more beautiful in the world! All Fast what you dream, can create with your hands.


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